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    • Discourse-World Macrostructure of the Political Event 

      Кушнерук, Светлана Леонидовна; Курочкина, Мария Анатольевна; Kushneruk, Svetlana; Kurochkina, Maria (2018-05-30)
      The paper focuses on modeling the macrostructure of discourse-world of the political event as derived from G20 Leaders’ Declaration and publications united by the theme of 2017 summit. The purpose of the authors is to ...
    • The place of allusive propper namez in the lexical system of the narrative discourse (Based on D.H. Lawrence's novels and short stories) 

      Курочкина, Мария Анатольевна; Kurochkina, Maria; Кушнерук, Светлана Леонидовна; Kushneruk, Svetlana (2019-01-18)
      The authors of the article are concerned with allusive proper names (APNs) functioning in the narrative discourse as culturemes (by Russian linguist V.V. Vorobyev) which mark fragments of social and cultural experience ...